My name is Aleksandra Ratajczak.

I graduated from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Clinical Psychology. For the last few years,I have been supporting clients in designing and implementing recruitment processes. I work with global and domestic companies. My competency has been established while working in leading recruitment and personal advisory companies such as Hays and Antal International. The industries that I feel most connected to are pharmaceutical, clinical research, medical equipment, and diagnostics.

In RECOO I support the organizations that indicate needs in recruitment. I recruit in across the field of life science. I also dedicate my services to supporting departments, to include legal, digital, administration, HR, finance, and R&D.

In my daily work I focus on authenticity and integrity. I question unfavorable standards, whilst pointing out constructive alternatives. I advise, analyze and investigate. I am inspired by a variety of views, chosen career development paths, various perspectives on careers, future aims and goals. I am happy when I can provide meaningful support, set actions in motion and make situations clearer. I strongly believe that in business we need clear communication, mutual engagement, a sense of security, positive energy, and honesty.



My core expertise is recruitment. I carry out recruitment processes for specialist, managerial, and top-level positions. I am experienced in single vacancies as well as mass-recruitment using search & selection and direct search methods. During an evaluation, I conduct a behavioural interview, which brings the client and I closer to determining the core qualifications desired by future employers.


Employee out-sourcing is a valued service, especially when a client’s company aims to optimize employment and administrative costs. So-called ‘body-leasing’ practices can be of various types and durations. Depending on the client's needs, I always work towards suggesting a suitable solution.

Area of activity

Pharmaceutical Companies/ Medical Companies:

Sales Representative, Medical Representative (open and hospital care), KAM, ASM, Service Engineer, Service Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Director, BUM, Marketing Specialist, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, PR Specialist, Communication Manager, Regulatory Specialist, Tender Specialist, Tender Manager, Medical Manager, etc. collapse

Clinical Research:

TA, SCTA, CRA, SCRA, LEAD CRA, Project Manager, Project Leader, Project Director, Line Manager, Clinical Research Manager, Clinical Operations Manager, Clinical Data Manager, Clinical Data Specialist, Medical Manager, Regulatory Specialist, Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance Manager. collapse

Supporting functions:

Assistant, Management Assistant, Office Manager, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Customer Service Specialist, Customer Service Manager, Personal Data Protection Specialist, HRBP, HR Manager, Recruitment Specialist, Legal Advisor, Lawyer , IT Manager, Logistic Specialist, Logistic Manager etc. collapse

Clients and Candidates appreciated me for


Conscientious recruitment

The ability to identify needs, as well as planning and conducting the recruitment process in such a manner that it has the most effective format and outcomes.


Partnership and ethics

Working with the client, I identify recruitment needs and clarify requirements. I ensure that the chosen solution is beneficial and efficient for both parties. I support, advise and consult.



I recommend a well-matched group of candidates to significantly help and aid the task of selection.


Being a brand ambassador

I believe that by acting on behalf of the client, I become an ambassador of the client's ‘brand’. I make sure that the recruitment process provides a positive candidate experience.


Clear and reliable communication

I ensure candidate and client engagement throughout every stage of the recruitment process through continuous contact and regular feedback. I feel it is crucial for me to inform each of the parties involved in the recruitment process about the status of the project, possible outcomes, and time frames/ timescales relating to the process.


Security / compliance with regulations

As a processor, I pay special attention to the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of candidates participating in recruitment processes. For this purpose, I have implemented consistent policies and procedures to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. I apply appropriate technical and organizational safeguards to ensure the protection and confidentiality of personal data during the processing of applications.

Comments from Clients

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Immersed in patterns and paradigms I followed the brightest path that I saw for me. A path that has become an idealized, beautiful, and unsurpassed image of myself, marked by family patterns, tradition, media, and social visions.

Having newly graduated as a Master of Psychology and knowing that my rightful place should not only be in my private office, I aspired instead to work within a global organization. I decided to use my aspirations and competencies to succeed in the recruitment industry. I considered it a “perfect combination”. To work towards becoming a part of the business world, I directed my application to the global recruitment organization Hays, who were the leader in the recruitment market at that time.




If you feel overwhelmed your workload and need the support of an external recruitment consultant.


If you are struggling with designing and planning the next steps of your recruitment processes.


If you encounter difficulties in streamlining, focusing and implementing your recruitment processes.


If you wish to gain an outsourcing contract.


This would provide you with a great opportunity to discuss potential solutions with me.